Tennessee Doulas Association is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate people about doulas and promote the use of doula care to improve pregnancy, birth, and postpartum outcomes.

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Doula Scholarship

We have a goal to diversify the doula culture to better serve families. Sign up today to get more information about our free trainings.

What Doula Stage Are You?

Want to Train or certify as A Doula?

Is your burning desire to be the guiding light, steady hand, and compassionate heart to walk alongside familes on their journey of birth and beyond?  Are you dreaming of becoming a doula, but not sure where to start? Stop dreaming and put your desire into action. We can answer your questions on how to start your doula career and even have scholarships to help train and certify doulas.    Fill out the application and we will contact you to give you more information.
Join Us On Our Current Projects

Doulas in Every County

We are working to locate and train at least 2 doulas in all 95 TN counties.

Hospital Only Labor Support

Take a shift and support a client for 6 hours of labor,

My Baby 4 Me

Free class and a hot meal for pregnant moms twice a week in Nashville and Memphis. Volunteer as a doula to be helping hands during class.

Community Doula Project

The best doulas to serve a mom are the ones next door. We strive to find and train community women who know how best to serve their area.

Perpetual Doula Education Fund

We want to make doula training affordable to everyone, so we created a fund that will pay for your doula training and you can pay the fund back within a year to help another doula train.

Diversify The Doula Culture Grant

To better serve the TN population, we need to train doulas from all cultures. Currently we have trained 8 Spanish speaking doulas and 6 Arabic speaking doulas. 

Doula Pilot Grant for the State

We are currently running a pilot program to provide doula services to moms on TennCare.

Movement In Labor Research

Studies show that moms who move during 50% of their labor time decrease their c-section rate by 50%. We are conducting a study to see if that is true for moms who are at high risk.

Benefits of Joining TNDA

  1. Listing on TNDA doula directory 

  2. Continuing education videos (including loss, client interviewing, and conflict resolution)

  3. Access to doula business files 

  4. TNDA digital badge 

  5. Office depot printing discount

  6. Updated about TN doula legislation

  7. Mentoring with an experienced doula 

  8. Community networking: connect with other doulas in your area. 

  9. Attendance to October Nashville doula conference for free

🌸 Join Tennessee Doula Association's May membership drive! This is a savings of $70 for 2024! Plus, get free admittance to our annual conference with dinners and mental health first aid trainings! 🎉 Don't miss out!

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